Greifswald single

The town offers all forms of public schooling, many of which provide all-day activities.

(Nordic Sound), Eldena jazz evenings, international Bach week and the Polenm ARk T festival of Polish culture, attracting large numbers of visitors from outside the area.Because this quarter is so popular, the rental prices are little higher than in the outlying areas. dating sider Struer You’ll discover that the rents are lower if you live in the outer districts, like Schönwalde I or Schönwalde II.You can take your bike along the Ryck River, and in just about 15 minutes you’ll arrive at the beach in the Eldena district.Eldena and the neighbouring district of Wieck are among the prettiest quarters of Greifswald.

Greifswald single

Greifswald is situated in one of Germany's leading holiday areas.Its charming position on the Baltic Sea, close to the islands of Usedom and Rügen, gives the landscape around Greifswald high recreational value.Another popular event is the "Clubs U Night", a gigantic party, organised by all five student clubs, for which the entire dining hall is converted into a disco.If you’re more in the mood for a quiet evening, we recommend taking a seat in one of the pubs in town.Here you’ll find small houses with thatched roofs – i.e.

not your typical red-tiled roofs, but old-fashioned ones made of straw.

That’s why the rental prices can range anywhere from 147 euros to 311 euros for a single-person apartment.

Between seminars, you can stop for a bite at the “S-Bar“ which sells delicious meals at a low price.

From there it’s too far to walk into town, so you’ll have to take your bike or the bus.

The Studentenwerk offers rooms and apartments in residence halls both downtown and in the surrounding districts.


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