Single point hammock stand

With the latter in mind, hammocks have been created and progressively become better in modern times.

Hammocks are popular within their own right, and if you have the room to setup one, it is highly recommended that you do so.

In this article, we are going to cover the ins and outs (plus options) that you have to look forward to.

Single point hammock stand

I bought a pack of 8 x 1.8m length pieces (47mm x 22mm) which cost just under £10. I attached the hinge to one of the legs using bolts of about 4cms (cost about £3).I did though stumble upon a post in the Hammock forum titled Turtlelady’s Bamboo Stand.Turtlelady’s post gave me ideas for experimenting with just one tripod and a single tree.As you can see in the top right picture below I shaped the wood as best I could so that when the tripod was open the tops did not touch each other.I used Amsteel rope to connect the ridgepole to the tripod.

Single point hammock stand

Sadly this is not always possible: the trees may not be placed perfectly, or may not be strong enough to support a hammock, or there may simply be no trees about.At times like this you have to start thinking out of the box if you want to still sleep in your hammock.The hammock is tied off to the ridgepole so that the compression forces from someone lying in the hammock are solely on the ridgepole.The tripods only take the vertical forces caused by the person’s weight.More on that later but to begin with I need to explain how I got into building these free-standing hammock stands and explain a bit more about what they are.

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