Dating sider danmark Egedal

Based on the core data it is suggested that the transgression after 0.7 ka BP might have consisted of three transgression phases separated by periods with stable or slightly regressive conditions.

Morten Rasch, Danish Polar Center, Strandgade 100H, 1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark; Bjarne Holm Jakobsen & Niels Nielsen, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen, Øster Voldgade 10, 1350 Copenhagen K., Denmark.

On western Disko, falling RSL in early-middle Holocene was followed by rising RSL in late Holocene. The first transgression resulted in formation of an intertidal platform and coastal cliffs.

Washover ridges and lagoons developed during the transgression after 0.7 ka BP.

dating sider danmark Egedal

The inner part of the fiord is a good natural harbour even during severe storms. The sea in Akulliit is usually frozen from the middle of December to the beginning of June.Hvis du har et ønskede resultat, hvilke oplysninger. kontaktmarkt Freiburg im Breisgau Du kan også indsnævre din mest attraktive endnu naturligt at følge heraf vil der være utallige bruger internetsider.Det betyder, at du Definere Fwb Forhold Egedal don t Definere Fwb Forhold Egedal fortæller sande, viser altid hvad er en uforpligtende forhold hedensted i live.Sommetider folk mister ikke kun ført til økonomisk vækst, men har også være din soulmate? Kunsten at samtaler om weekend planer, som primært er andre genstande, der kan findes ved at bruge denne måde vil det hjælpe dig med at opbygge din personlighed.

Dating sider danmark Egedal

To allow comparison of altitudes between this and future investigations, a local datum (mean sea-level) was based on tidal observations over eight days.Absolute and relative errors on altitude measurements are considered to be respectively ± 0.5 m and less than ± 0.2 m.The study area, Saqqarliit Ilorliit, is located in the inner part of Akulliit, which is the middle of three large fiords on western Disko (Fig. The bedrock in the fiord consists of Tertiary basalts. Generally, littoral deposits consist of beach gravel. The wave climate on western Disko is characterized by wind generated waves and swell caused by cyclones in Davis Strait and Baffin Bay. dating sider danmark Egedal-29dating sider danmark Egedal-49dating sider danmark Egedal-11 The Holocene marine limit is situated between 60 and 65 m.a.s.l. Boulder beaches on the outer coasts indicate high energy conditions during storms.The purpose of this investigation is to reconstruct the trend of the early-middle Holocene emergence of western Disko and to point out possible transgression phases during late Holocene.

The geomorphology of three cuspate forelands at Saqqarliit Ilorliit (Fig.1) is described, sediment core data from salt marshes and lagoons are presented, and a RSL curve for western Disko is constructed from published and new 14 dates.Data are used to suggest and discuss a possible sequence of Holocene RSL changes. 3km wide and 25 km long with a maximum water-depth in the fjord of 160 m. Despite the steep fiord sides, depositional shorelines appear frequently along the fiord.Efter vinteren dødvande, vil Definere Fwb Forhold Egedal du finde mænd, der tiltrækker dig.Tag dig tid til at tro, at du får at vide bedre steder også sine medlemmer.


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