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The big surprise of the election was the strong advance of the left wing red-Green Alliance, who in some parts of Copenhagen were instrumental in attracting 5% more voters to polling stations, and whose number of seats in parliament has catapulted from 4 to 12.

The new partner in government, the Social-Liberal Party, also did well, increasing their representation from 9 to 17 seats.

The election’s big loser was the former government partner, the conservative Party, which lost 10 of its 18 seats, thereby becoming the smallest party in parliament.

Nina Bang1866 - 1928 Although it took the Danes until 2011 to elect their first female prime minister, Denmark was very much quicker in appointing a woman to a ministerial position.

A range of articles on Danish/International relations offers insight into the many openings that exist for collaboration with Danish companies and institutions – or for establishing a company in Denmark. Despite their worst general election result for 108 years, the Social Democrats led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt have come to power.Today there is a great deal of focus on user-driven innovation.One example is a sizeable project at a Danish elderly care home, where residents are actively involved in the development of assistive products for their own use.Denmark has one of the most efficient labour markets internationally, with more flexibility in setting wages, firing, and hiring workers than in the other Nordics and in most countries more generally, says the report.Read the full report from the World economic Forum.

Handicap dating Rudersdal

An ardent republican, Nina Bang caused a considerable stir at a theatre event in 1924 attended by the Danish monarch, King Christian X, when she refused to stand for the national anthem.The incident helped earn her the nickname of “the only real man in the government”.The report praises Denmark for benefiting from one of the best-functioning and most transparent institutional frameworks in the world, and an excellent infrastructure for transport as well as electricity and telephony. handicap dating Rudersdal-30handicap dating Rudersdal-24 For instance, Denmark ranks no.1 on the quality of its electricity grid.Notes and other information: Material contained in Focus Denmark does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Danish Trade Council or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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