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Procom is liable for personal injury only if it is proved that such injury was caused by negligence by Procom.

Bank charges from Procom’s bank are paid by Procom.Payment is considered received in due time when received in Procom’s bank account prior to the expiration of the respite.In case of delayed payment Procom will charge buyer with interest on the amount due with 2 per cent per commenced month as from the date of maturity.Transport insurance is only effected if so required by buyer and then on buyer’s account.If the goods or parts of the goods delivered prove defective, Procom undertakes to remedy the defect or to replace the goods by goods of satisfactory quality within a reasonable time.

Par dating Frederikssund

Procom is only responsible for a delay due to gross negligence by Procom.Buyer is not entitled to cancel the contract unless a fixed date of delivery has been agreed in writing by the parties.Procom reserves the title to the goods sold until the purchase price together with any interest according to article 9 has been paid in full.Any legal dispute in connection with the purchase agreement shall be settled according to Danish law.The dispatch takes place at buyer’s own account and risk.

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The risk of accidental damage to the goods passes to buyer at the delivery of the consignment to postal services, ship, railway or carrier.In case the buyer fails to pay the goods in due time or if after entering into the agreement he goes bankrupt, goes into liquidation, seeks a compulsory composition with his creditors, or by distress proves unable to pay his debts, suspends his payments or his financial circumstances prove to be of such a nature that it must be supposed that he will not be able to pay the purchase price when it falls due, Procom is entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect and to claim compensation from the buyer for any loss caused by this breach of contract.This does not apply, however, if the buyer on request provides adequate security for payment of the purchase price at maturity.Price lists exist for all Procom's standard products. The sales price is based on the rates of exchange, purchase prices, raw material and energy prices, customs duties, taxes of all kinds as well as other costs valid at the date of the order confirmation. rise after the date of order confimation, Procom is allowed to increase the price accordingly.Change or cancellation of any order is subject to written approval by Procom.


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